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Domestic Oven Cleaner Bristol

If you require the professional services of an oven cleaner in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas, contact Pro Oven Cleaning today. Residual grease and grime developing in your oven is an unavoidable inconvenience and, as a result of a busy schedule, this can result in a stubborn build-up. Don’t despair, as Pro Oven Cleaning can get your oven, AGA or Rayburn sparkling clean and looking nearly-new again in no time. Furthermore, we can also clean hob-tops, extractors, splashbacks, microwaves and combi-ovens too, independently or in combination with your scheduled oven clean. So, for friendly and reliable service at affordable prices, contact Shaun at Pro Oven Cleaning today.

Our Range of Services

We carry out domestic oven cleaning throughout the area, but that’s not all!

Pro Oven Cleaning also provide:

The Oven Cleaning Process

We use a combination of non-caustic, high-powered cleaning solutions, a dip tank and good old-fashioned elbow grease, to remove dirt, carbon and grease build-up. Professionally cleaning traditional gas ovens, induction ovens and electric ovens, hobs and extractors, as well as AGAs and Rayburns.

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Dip Tank Cleaning

The dip tank allows for all removable components, including trays and grills, to be fully submerged in powerful cleaning fluids. As a result, grime can be removed from even the hardest to reach areas. While this takes place we can carry out the rest of the oven clean and then, once everything is pristine, we will reassemble your oven ready for use.

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Non-Caustic Oven Cleaners

Caustic oven cleaners are highly effective, however, they are also highly corrosive and often leave a noxious odour. Thus, they are now a vastly unpopular choice for both DIY and professional oven cleaning. Non-caustic oven cleaners offer a non-abrasive, non-corrosive solution that is far safer for the oven itself, and for the user, with no compromise on efficiency. That is why Pro Oven Cleaning only uses the best in professional-grade non-caustic cleaning solutions.

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Elbow Grease

The final requirement is some traditional elbow grease, this is provided by Shaun. Shaun has been providing professional oven cleaning throughout Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas for many years. As a result, he has many happy customers who have great things to say for his ability to deliver a dedicated and exacting service.

Quick and Efficient Oven Cleaning

Our disciplined approach and powerful cleaning equipment mean that we can get your oven clean in a jiffy. Typical cleaning times can vary from 60-80 minutes through to 3-4 hours depending on the size of the appliance and the level of build-up. Regardless of duration, we will ensure your appliance is finished the same day. Also, it will be ready for use almost immediately after completion.

Contact Pro Oven Cleaning

If you need an oven cleaner in Bristol and the surrounding areas, plus the reassurance that comes with using a local and independent business, then get in touch. We provide a friendly and flexible service to put you at ease and fit around your schedule. Contact Shaun for efficient and affordable oven cleaning.


“Amazing job done on my double oven! It looks brand new again. Thank you Shaun. Will definitely try to not make it so dirty next time.”

Katie Weeks